Are you ready for bio fuels in 2016 MEPC 240(65)

On 1st January 2016 vessels carrying bulk blends of petroleum oil and bio fuels will need to be compliant to the new regulations. This means that many Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME) systems will need to be upgraded or even replaced. Rivertrace Engineering's Smart ODME has been designed as the most simple system to install, service and maintain.

We have 30 years experience of Oil in Water Monitoring and are ready to handle all of your ODME needs

Marine Applications

Rivertrace Engineering Ltd produce a range of products that meet and exceed the I.M.O. resolutions MEPC 107(49) and MEPC 108 (49) relating to water discharges from ships.

Industrial Applications

Rivertrace can tailor make systems to your own individual requirements, such as
Boiler Water
Condensate Cooling Water
Produced Water
Discharge Water

Rivertrace Engineering Marine and Industrial Product Catalogue.

Please feel free to download our all new 2015 catalogue presenting you the latest in our ranges of Marine and Industrial products

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Latest News

Exciting news for the Smart 50M

Exciting news for the Smart 50M

UL Approval received

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RIVERTRACE AMERICAS IS HERE - It gives us great pleasure to announce the commencement of Rivertrace Americas officially launched at OTC in Houston earlier this month.

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New telephone numbers at RTE

PLEASE USE 0044 (0) 1737 775500 CALLS 0044 (0) 1737 775501 FAX

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Sales in India and Turkey

Rivertrace Engineering Ltd (RTE) has announced the first orders for its Smart oil discharge monitoring equipment (ODME) in Indian and Turkish shipyards, plus a breakthrough deal in Japan.

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