Bio Sea - Rivertrace are pleased to represent BIO-UV’s BIO-SEA Ballast Water Treatment system in Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

BIO-SEA by BIO-UV, based in Lunel, France, have almost 20 years’ experience designing and manufacturing ultraviolet light (UV-C) water treatment equipment. • The BIO-SEA Ballast Water Treatment System combines mechanical filtration and high UV dose disinfection, without any chemical treatment, and is made with the highest quality marine components. 

• BIO-SEA systems are IMO and USCG type approved, with safety at the forefront of its technology, there are no explosive gases, no induced corrosion and are chemical free systems.

BIO-SEA provides a wide range of complete and highly effective systems to treat ships’ ballast water, those systems are compact, competitive, chemical free and easy-to-install

• The BIO-SEA systems can treat all flow-rates from 10 to 2000 m3/h (per ballast pump). All operations are automated and cost saving (consumption adjustment according to the quality of the water treated).

• BIO-SEA conceives water treatment solutions specifically designed for the disinfection of organisms contained in ballast water.


- The system first cleans ballast water using a screen filter, in order to reduce the amount of total suspended particles, organic (or not) being present in the seawater.

- It disinfects the water and eliminates all the microorganisms. Without any additional chemical product or active substances, the water passes through a reactor where UV rays destroy microorganisms DNA.

• All operations carried out to treat ballast water are automated thanks to sensors.

• While ballasting, both operations of filtration and UV disinfection are carried out to limit the loading of suspended solids and living microorganisms in the ballast tanks, which maximizes water exposition to UV-C rays. 

• While de-ballasting, only the operation of UV disinfection is completed. This allows re-treating the water that stayed in the ship’s ballast tank during the journey, in order to eliminate the possible biological re-growth, to ensure compliance with the IMO standards. UV disinfection only - filtration is automatically by-passed 

• At the end of operations (either ballasting or de-ballasting) a full and automated purge of the system is performed, followed by the filter and UV reactors flushing and filling with fresh water.


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