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Rivertrace presents new product at the ADIPEC exhibition

31 October 2017

Rivertrace will be showcasing its new Smart PFM 107 Oil-in-Water Monitor, on stand 14610 at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) from 13-16 November 2017.

Having recently completed trials offshore in Norway, the monitor measures oil, solids and gas in the sample stream on a continuous basis, by passing the process fluid through a proprietary photo optical measuring cell, developed by Rivertrace Technologies.

Using a combination of optical recognition algorithms and light intensity, it is possible to differentiate between oil particles, gas/air bubbles and solid particulates in the range 0-500 microns. Unlike conventional monitors, the PFM 107 requires no re-calibration if the oil varies from the standard calibration fluid, making it an ideal monitor for offshore platforms, drill ships and FPSO’s.

Alarms and any faults are logged and stored within the system to comply with IMO resolution MEPC 107(49) and can be accessed remotely by the manufacturer or an approved service centre. Flow and particulate characteristics can be viewed in real time via remote access and software on any Windows PC. Oil concentration, pressure, temperature and oil alarm status are displayed on a LCD touch screen.

The Smart PFM offers air driven solenoid and electronic actuator cleaning methods to ensure accuracy is always maintained. Cleaning is fully automatic and operates whenever the system senses contamination of the optical windows.

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